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Keerthi Enterprises was established in 2011 in the Chennai, Tamil Nadu with the sole purpose of designing, manufacturing & supplying seamless knitted gloves for sophisticated industrial use. These gloves unlike their ordinary counterparts have superior grip that facilitate easy handling of soft, hard and abrasive surfaces.

Along with seamless knitted gloves, Keerthi Enterprises has also ventured to produce military-grade PPE (Personal Protective Equipments) including respiratory, head, eye, ear protection, gas measuring meters, harnesses & first aid boxes, etc

Dr.K.Baranidharan, Managing Director,
Keerthi Group of Company

On a Global Safety Mission

As a manufacturer at heart, Keerthi Enterprises is on a mission to spread awareness about the need for safety in high-risk prone working environments like factory floors. To ensure that manufacturers are not cutting back on safety equipments due to budget constraints, Keerthi Enterprises has engineered affordable PPE including seamless knitted gloves that avoid injury due to slips and exposure to hard surfaces. In addition to affordability, these gloves also come great durability ensuring that manufacturers do not have reinvest in safety equipments frequently.

Our Quality Promise

Quality is at the core of everything we do at Keerthi Services. From factory floor to customer doorstep, we follow a rigid policy where quality and customer satisfaction takes the front seat. Each product that is marked as finished from our factory floor is passed through a rigorous quality check process that rates it on terms of safety, dexterity, performance and pricing.

Further, we live by a Quality Promise that stands on the foundation of three core areas of our operational activities:


We follow a rigorous process to materials to handpick the perfect material from a wide assortment of common and premium alternatives used in the industry


We train, motivate and monitor people to adhere to the highest quality standards that are superior to benchmarks followed at a global scale in industrial safety equipment manufacturing.


Every single product that has our logo and ™ imposed is a testament of highest quality. We follow a lengthy Quality Checking process to deliver goods that are nothing but perfect.

To showcase our dedication to the highest quality standards possible, we have secured every possible industry accreditation possible including ISO 9001 standards.

Customers Across Continents

From Coast to Poles, we serve a global portfolio of customers who have amplified their manufacturing prowess by reducing accidents, injuries and safety instances using our products.

Our Mission

To become the first-choice of industry PPE supplies on a global level.

Serve customer needs with customized safety equipments of all sizes & types that have flawless quality & universal affordability

Our Vision

To make safety at manufacturing environs affordable for all.

Reduce the number of accidents & injuries thereon created due to lack of personal safety measures.

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