Industrial Body Protection Suits, Safety Dresses & Apparels

Body Protection

Body protection may be required against the following main types of hazards:

l heat and hot metal, l impact and cuts, l exposure to toxic materials, and l special hazardous situation involving women workers, e.g. long hair, loose clothing, etc.

Materials Used

Protective suits used against corrosive chemicals are usually made from a fabric (treated cotton or artificial fibre) coated with synthetic 45 elastomers, like neoprene, styrene, butadiene rubber, acry nitrile rubber, butyl rubber or chlorosulphonated polyethylene.

The woven cotton or rayon staple cloth coated with vinyl chloride or unsupported laminated PVC films are also used for making these suits. Suits made of mixed PVC-polyester fabrics can be used for both acids and alkalis.

Sizes and Weight of the Suits

The suits shall generally be made in four sizes and the weight shall be kept as low as possible. The size and the maximum permissible.

Weight are given below

S.No Size Overall Length in mm. ± 20mm Maximum Weight in kg
1 Small 1480 7
2 Medium 1520 8
3 Large 1560 10
4 Extra Large 1600 12

Body Protection Products

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