Industrial Safety Ear Muffs & Ear Plugs for Hearing Protection

Hearing Protection is a Sound Investment

Our mission is to protect your ears and hearing by offering quality earplugs at affordable price with excellent quality. We have a very extensive range of earplugs to cover everybody’s earplug needs quality.

Comfort for smaller wearers

  •   Ideal size for workers with smaller ear canals
  •   Low pressure foam expands gently for comfortable long-term wear
  •   Contoured T-shape for easy handling and wear A revolution in personal fit
  •   Advanced material uses body heat to adapt to the individual shape of each wearer’s ear canal
  •   Delivers superior comfort and a truly individual fit
  •   Simplifies inventory control – a single product fits almost every wearer

Ear Muff

  •   Maximum protection from an earmuff
  •   Uniform headband pressure for all head sizes, providing better comfort for long-term wear
  •   Non-deforming outer headband withstands rough treatment in the toughest workplaces
  •   Inner-ventilated headband minimizes pressure on the head, breathes easier in warm/humid climates (T2 and T3 only)
  •   Quick-Click height adjustment
  •   Snap-in ear cushions make replacement quick and easy
  •   Dielectric construction suitable for all workplaces, especially electrical environments