Safety Eyewears & Glasses for All Industrial Applications

Eye Protection

People who are working in the factories, laboratories or even in the industries are exposed to a various type of risks such as chemical, radiation and unclean environments. It is always crucial for the management or owner to safeguard the workers safety from those unexpectable hazards while dealing with machineries and other critical works.

The possible eye hazards at work

Protecting eyes at the workplace is much required when the upcoming possible eye hazards are occur:

  •   Projectiles like dust, metal and other concrete particles
  •   Due to chemical splashes and fumes
  •   High radiation at the workplaces such as visible light, heat, infrared radiation & lasers

Places where the risk of eye hazards occur highly

  •   Construction
  •   Manufacturing
  •   Mining
  •   Carpentry
  •   Auto Repair
  •   Electrical
  •   Work
  •   Plumbing
  •   Welding
  •   Maintenance

How will Keerthi Enterprises Protect Your Eyes from Unexpectable Injuries

At Keerthi Enterprises, we believe that safety is not compromisable, so the quality of the safety eyewear equipments and glasses are always in high quality at unmatchable prices.

  •   Goggles
  •   Safety Spectacles
  •   Visors Faceshields
  •   Welding Shields

Also its advisable to choose the special needed safety eye glasses, googles and face shields depends on the working condition.

You must use special-purpose safety glasses, goggles, face shields or helmets designed for that task.

Advantages of Keerthi Safety Eyewears

  •   Polycarbonate lens meets impact test requirements
  •   99% UV protection to safeguard against harmful rays
  •   Clear inbuilt nose bridge to provide snug fit
  •   Available in different styles to suit individual needs
  •   Flexible frame for fitting marjority of face sizes
  •   Clear hard coated finish on lens for durability