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We offer an exclusive range of hand protection gloves that are made from superior quality materials and assure total protection against any harmful elements during working hours. These are available in different sizes thus fitting various users and provide tight grip which is very compulsory

PVC Chemical-Resistant Gloves

PVC gloves for protection against a number chemicals. PVC gloves provide adequate protection against stronger acids and bases as well as salts, alcohols and water solutions making this type of hand ppe ideal for tasks that involve handling these kinds of materials or when handling objects in the wet. PVC gloves also provide adequate protection against abrasion and to a certain degree of vibration and shock. You can also use PVC gloves for assembly line work and handling small parts.


  •   Made from PVC of superior quality
  •   Used while handling Acid / Alkali and concentrated chemicals
  •   It is designed in such a manner that it gives a firm and better grip
  •   Curved fingers give flexibility
  •   More durable and economical
  •   Available sizes: in length 12" to 22"

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