Safety Gloves and Hand Protection

Hand Protection Gloves

For employee’s, workplace safety is necessity. Major work hazard occurs on hands and fingers due to chemical exposures & abrasions. Being safe from the unexpectable problems, keerthi enterprises provides extensive hand picked gloves with the superior quality to make the job easier for the workers. Industrial hand protection gloves from keerthi enterprises are extensive in quality, grip, flexibility helps workers to keep safe their hands.

Keerthi Enterprises are always make sure to provide best quality hand gloves to compete with chemicals and temperature. The variation in gloves types of Keerthi enterprises are always keep the company in the leading position in the market.

Materials Used

  •   Seamless textile support/ polyurethane coating on palm and fingers.
  •   Neoprene/ Knitted thermal protection/ Pebbled

Industry Applications

  •   Agriculture
  •   Chemical
  •   Construction
  •   Food Services
  •   Government
  •   Law Enforcement
  •   Manufacturing
  •   Medical
  •   Mining
  •   Municipal Services
  •   Nuclear
  •   Oil and Gas
  •   Utilities
  •   Pharmaceutical
  •   Transportation
  •   Military
  •   Forestry
  •   Steel and Metals